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Here comes
the sun

City: Buzău

Area: 130 mp

Year: 2019

Photographs: arh. Alexandru Prodan

Focus was placed on the aesthetic, as well as on the function. One important characteristic of the project was conceiving the house as a refuge, a cozy place after a tiring day of work and an oasis of silence in the urban chaos.


Personality and individuality were infused by custom made furniture (adjusted to the dimensions of the rooms for rational use of space), well-chosen statement furniture pieces (dining table, wall clock, lighting, nightstands, vanity desk chair, etc.) and attention to details.


Breaking the monotony was accomplished by unexpected combinations of textures and materials: slate on the furniture fronts, wood, painted MDF, cow leather carpet.


The main stylistic direction is given by elegant lines that evoke Classicism but strongly anchored into the present day, while at the same time maintaining simple and clean graphics.


Good communication with the beneficiaries led to an interior design concept that emphasizes the qualities of their home.

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