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Fox Away

Amplasament: București

Suprafață:         20 mp

An finalizare:    2019

Fotografie:        arh. Alexandru Prodan

Our main goal was to design a Coffee to go place with a clearly defined and recognizable identity; a Coffee shop where anyone can stop for a short break, where coffee and also a well-chosen book, invite you to relax.


The space limitation was one of the project’s provocations but that led the design process towards planning a multi-functional space.


The chromatic limitation imposed by the existing carpentry (on which interventions were not possible) was transformed into an advantage by the harmonious integration of its colour in the brand that was born. The result is a coherent dialogue of materials, textures and shades interlaced to form the final identity of Fox Away.


The main term that defines the interior design of Fox Away is fluidity. The design concept is centred around visual continuity, made possible by using and bending the same material on several surfaces - walls, bench, floor and bar; thus, the visual boundaries between the planes are erased, increasing the impression of spaciousness.

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