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Fox's Book Cafe

Amplasament: București

Suprafață:         103 mp

An finalizare:    2019

Fotografie:        arh. Alexandru Prodan

The interior design project for the building in the Serban Voda area, which has as intended beneficiary a person that is passionate about reading, coffee and foxes, is characterized by the unitary approach from a stylistic point of view.


The concept that guided the interior design was focusing on the idea of integrating the branding as a graphical element in the intervention. Therefore, the fox is conceptualized, transposed into graphical elements (finishes, lighted sign, chromatic elements in the furniture etc.). At the same time, complementary to the fox are the books that enrich and give color to the space, affirming the essential role that they play in the design.


The finishes, for the most part, make up a neutral frame, a background on which the furniture and the books are imposed over, as accents, through their diverse coloring, harmonizing a space which, in their absence, would be sterile.


The bookstore-coffee shop manages to become a refuge for quiet, that invites towards relaxation and disconnecting from the sound of the city, that stops at its door.

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