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Studio MicroMax

Amplasament: București

Suprafață:         35 mp

An finalizare:    2020

Fotografie:        arh. Alexandru Prodan

The arrangement of the studio was defined by the significant challenge presented by the small surface and the limiting compartmentalization with regard to the possibilities of furnishing it and integrating the necessary functions for the beneficiaries.


The guiding line of the project was to maximize the feeling of space, which can be seen even starting with the entrance area, where the fronts of the furniture were covered in mirrors, and the dynamic is given by the alternation between opaque and open-transparent volumes.


From a chromatic point of view, white and light colors are dominant, accentuated by the contrast to shades of anthracite gray.


The personalized furniture uses every available square centimeter and subtly and efficiently separates the functions (sleeping area, work space, dining area and kitchen), the final result being one of maximum comfort in the minimum of space.

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