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City:                 Bucharest

Area:                mp

Year:                 2022

Photographs: arh. Alexandru Prodan

The Ginger Shadow project: a small apartment, which has sentimental value for the owners, located in a green area of ​​Bucharest, in an apartment from the 70s. The restoration was a complete one: complete uncovering, electrical and sanitary installation restoration, finishing, furnishing and accessorizing. The furniture was custom made to maximize the space without burdening it.


I used the same stylistic line throughout the apartment, except for the teenage bedroom. Here we have metal elements, exposed brick painted anthracite gray and a graffiti artwork that the artist made on site, following certain key elements indicated by the beneficiary.


For the optical enlargement of the space, we opted for the chromatic continuity of the hall-kitchen. The green shade of the furniture is found on the wall, door and ceiling, suggesting the idea of ​​a portal in the entrance area. Another connecting element between the two spaces is the lighting system made of LED profiles. The play of lights is amplified by the two large mirrors.

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