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Apartament Carbon Blue

Amplasament: București

Suprafață:         52 mp

An finalizare:    2020

Fotografie:        arh. Alexandru Prodan

The interior design project of the three-room apartment in the Mărțișor area, having as beneficiary a young man passionate about the digital environment, is characterized by minimal intervention on the finishes, the central part of the arrangement being the furniture.


One of the big challenges of the project was the spatial limitation, the surface of the apartment being limited and the traffic corridors fragmenting the rooms in terms of functionality.


From an aesthetic point of view, the arrangement creates a clear, masculine graphic, with evocations of the industrial style marked by metallic elements and gray-concrete textures.


To break the chromatic monotony, saturated yellow accents are discreetly placed in the office area, wood textures (natural oak) are used in the day area and navy blue in the night area.


The bedroom stands out from the rest of the arrangement by using a wallpaper with slightly playful graphics, from which the color of the room was derived. The accent color is highlighted by contrast and multi-plane turns.

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